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A typical management search will consist of the following steps:
  1. Client interview to determine both quantitative and qualitative factors that define the ideal candidate.
  2. Extensive market evaluation to determine candidate names from target firms.
  3. 50 to 60 initial telephone briefings to determine the candidates that best match the job specifications.
  4. Broad telephone screening to determine the top 15 to 20 candidates for face-to-face interviews.
  5. Extensive profiling and evaluation of selected "long list" of candidates
  6. Selection of short list of candidates. (3-4 candidates)
  7. Arranging client interviews with selected list.
  8. Providing client with Personal Assessment of selected candidates.
  9. Extensive de-briefing with both candidates and client to ensure clear consensus of opinion and thorough understanding of all job requirements (including "cultural fit") to determine both parties desire to continue the process.
  10. Consult with client to determine the best candidate and ensure complete confirmation and satisfaction of candidate's willingness to accept
  11. Facilitation of the offer process.
  12. Assisting with reference checks as required.
  13. Assisting with resignation counseling as required.

The average time frame for the above process is 4-6 weeks

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