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*Our fees are flexible and are based on a fixed percentage of the candidate's first year of remuneration, which includes base salary, bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, share options, incentives and automobile benefits. Appropriate discounts are offered for multiple searches.

*One-third of the estimated fee is due and payable at the initiation of the search; further one-third isi due and payable at the commencement of interviewing; and the balance is due an payable when the candidate has signed a contract and due 14 days from receipt of the final invoice.


*The fee is due when a candidate presented to you by PULSE Management Group is employed by you, or any of your subsidiaries, or by any company to which you may refer the candidate, either on a full-time or contract basis, within 18 months of the original introduction date.

*In the normal course of events the activity associated with our search will generate candidates who, for whatever reason, will apply directly. Resumes acquired in this manner should be forwarded to us for screening. Any exceptions to this requirement should be named before the search begins.

*Unusual expenses, i.e. travel, long distance telephone calls, courier costs, advertising (if requested), are not included in any of our fees and are an additional expense which will be itemized.

We endeavor to verify a candidate is in good standing before they are submitted to a company for a suitable position. However, it is the prime obligation of the hiring official and/or company to completely verify the previous work and personal history of a future employee and not our responsibility.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee covers the first 120 days of employment. Should the candidate leave your employ for whatever reason within this period, we will replace the candidate, for that position only, at no charge. If you do not require an immediate replacement, 50% of the placement fee will be credited to your account for a 12 month period from the employee's start date. The guarantee only applies to the original candidate, not the replacement. The guarantee is valid only if we receive written notification within 7 days of the termination date and if the final invoice is paid within 14 days of receipt. There will be no cash refunds.

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